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Hi! I'm Hayley (She/ her). My journey into birth work began after the homebirth of my daughter in 2014. Such a magical, transforming experience! I knew I found my calling- motherhood and birth. I have been serving families throughout the childbearing years ever since! I attended my first birth as a doula in March 2015 and soon after that, began attending births as the student midwife.

I am committed to providing inclusive and caring support to families in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

I have been honored to get to know, support, and learn from many families around the metro and rural areas here in Minnesota and some Wisconsin families too! I love working with all families as they welcome a new addition and being a witness to the empowerment that comes along with that. I trust birth and work to encourage parents to be involved in the decisions that are made surrounding the childbearing year with education and intuition. 

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Education and Background

  • 2014 Red Mundial De Birth and Postpartum Doula Training with Maria Elena Penades (120 hours)

  • 2015 IPPA Placenta Encapsulation Training with Amanda Johnson

  • 2015 Herbs for Pregnancy Workshop with ErinPiorier

  • 2015 Herbs for Mother and Baby Workshop with Erin Piorier

  • 2015 Medicinal Plants for Childbearing and Childrearing–A Plant Identification Walk wih Erin Piorier

  • 2015 ServSafe Food Handlers Course

  • 2015 Integrative Resuscitation of Newborn Workshop with Karen Strange

  • 2016 Cultural Competency and Privilege in Birth work with Ahava Birth Works

  • 2016 La Leche League Spring Conference for Birth Workers

  • The Non-Latching Infant: The first 48 hours and beyond with Catherine Watson Genna

  • Reflux, GERD, and Breastfeeding with Catherine Watson Genna

  • Breastfeeding Outside the Box: Supporting Mothers to Breastfeed in Adoption, Surrogacy, Co-Nursing, and Other Extraordinary Circumstances with Hope Lein

  • Infant Oral Assessment with Catherine Watson Genna

  • 2016 Early Spring Wildflowers, Medicinal Plants: Medicine Making with Erin Piorier

  • 2016 Rad herbal workshop: Herbal Support for Anxiety, Trauma and Mental Health with Lroy Meryhew

  • 2016 MCCPM Continuing Education Conference

  • IV Work Shop for Out of Hospital Providers

  • A Morning of Color-Brave Conversations (Cultural Competency) with Marijke van Roojen and Wendy Gordon 

  • Advanced Lactation Skills for Midwives: Assessment and Treatment of Lip and Tongue Tie with Aszani Stoddard

  • Intermittent Auscultation in Labor: Research and Practice Updates with Wendy Gordon

  • Advanced Suturing Skills for Midwives with Aszani Stoddard

  • Is this Safe to Take in Pregnancy? Safe use of Herbs, Research and Traditional Practice with Erin Piorier

  • Marketing for Birth Professionals with Liz Hockman

  • Healing Birth Stories for Professionals with Maureen Campion

  • Spinning Babies conference

    And more! 


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