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Placenta Encapsulation

Investment: $225

Pure, clean, and honorable preparation using your choice of steamed or raw method of placenta encapsulation. Check out the differences between the two here and feel free to ask questions.  

Placenta package includes: 

Virtual interview and pregnancy resources as needed.

Safe encapsulation in your home

Encapsulation processing specific to your needs

Umbilical cord keepsake

Raw placenta cubes for smoothies and cooking (optional)

Placenta Tincture

Investment: $30

Creating a tincture with the placenta is a great way to extend its longevity. It only takes a small portion of the placenta to make the tincture and won't effect encapsulation process. It will be ready 6- 8 weeks post birth. Some parents choose to use it during their first postpartum menstruation to help stabilize hormones, decrease bleeding and cramps, and increase energy for years to come!

Raw Placenta Smoothie

Investment: $30, or free with encapsulation

A tasty and economical way to consume raw placenta directly after birth to begin to receive benefits immediately. Studies show that ingesting raw placenta soon after delivery, decreases pharmaceutical interventions to control bleeding. You can choose to ingest raw and still encapsulate and tincture as well.

Benefits of Consuming Your Placenta


- Replenishes your iron from blood loss during birth to prevent post birth anemia. The placenta postpartum is rich in iron, it is estimated that up to 50% of US citizens have some form of anemia (low iron). Replenishing so much blood after birth is a large task to take on. Having low iron often results in lower hormone levels, fatigue, lack or concentration and depressive symptoms. In studies, people with postpartum depression given iron supplements improved greatly.


- In a study where people were given placenta to consume, 86% reported increase milk production within four days. Research is still being done to completely narrow down exactly which hormones react with human milk supply to give it a boost.

Hormone Stabilization

- Hormone fluctuations looked at indirect research with postpartum depression has shown that the placenta contains hormones that assist in treating and preventing this disorder. Placenta consumption enables you a consistent flow of oxytocin long after your birth euphoria ends​ to stabilize your ever changing hormones post birth. During the pregnancy, the placenta produces stress-fighting hormones. Once the placenta is no longer present, it can take months for the brain and body to level out the hormones. During this time, the instability can cause depressive symptoms. By ingesting the placenta after birth, the birthing person is reintroducing these vital hormones to their body, until the brain signals it’s own production and can level out on it’s own.

Pain Relief

- Research has shown that ingesting placenta increases the effectiveness of opioids (ie: Tylenol). The birthing person would need to take much less pain medication to reach the same desired pain management. They would experience less pharmacological side effects and better maternal responsiveness.

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